About Us


Who Are We?

Choanoke Public Transportation Authority is a non-profit organization who serves the citizens of Bertie, Halifax, Hertford and Northampton Counties.  For over 40 years, CPTA has provided transportation needs for any person in the four county area who is in need of a ride, whether it be to local community colleges, shopping centers, medical offices, senior centers, day cares, human service agencies, etc.  Our courteous and friendly staff will assist you to schedule your transportation needs and get you on your way to your daily destinations.


Our Mission

Choanoke Public Transportation Authority mission shall be to provide for a safe, adequate and convenient public transportation system for the counties creating the authority and for its immediate environs, through the granting of franchises, ownership and leasing of terminals, buses and other transportation facilities and equipment, and otherwise through the exercise of the powers and duties conferred upon it. (Article 25.  160A-578) 


Our Services

Choanoke Public Transportation Authority (CPTA) is a community transportation program dedicated to meet the transportation needs of Bertie, Halifax, Hertford and Northampton County's citizens. CPTA provides local services Monday through Friday for trips to human service agencies, medical appointments, community colleges, child care centers, dialysis, individual shopping trips, older American nutrition sites and many other destinations. CPTA is funded by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Public Transportation Division and is a member of the North Carolina Public Transportation Association, Inc