Upcoming/Special Events

UNC-TV Rural Health Transportation

Click on the tab below and join CPTA's Executive Director Mrs. Pamela Perry as she gives her outstanding television appearance on UNC-TV explaining the challenges of transportation in the rural community.


Choanoke Public Transportation Authority board of directors meeting will be held on February 19, 2020.

nc moves 2050

What do you think transportation will look like in 2050? Please take a minute of your time to participate in a short survey at publicinput.com/ncmoves. We gladly appreciate your participation in this survey because your transportation needs are priority to us.

Choanoke Public Transportation Authority Partnership

Bertie County has proudly announced that the Veterans Service Office has partnered with Choanoke Public Transportation Authority through a grant program received from Roanoke Round-Up Care Trust Program, to provide free transportation for Bertie County Veterans to various appointments-Doctor, Dental, Pharmacy and VA Medical Center in Greenville NC.